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MASTERWAY is an online application that allows all business tasks and operations to be carried out in a simple, fast and secure way, with all the availability and flexibility. Available in the Commercial, Accounting, CRM and School Management modules. It is completely online, modular, fully integrated software, with reduced monthly fees. Accessible through a web browser, it is available anytime and anywhere, with real-time information. It adapts to different devices and allows customization according to the user’s preferences.


Discover MASTERWAY at www.masterway.net


Solution that allows the management of major commercial operations in a quick and simple way.
Customer accounts, invoicing, receipts, treasury, purchases, stocks, inventory, manufacturing, POS and dashboards, are some of the features.
It allows unlimited documents, includes all legal updates and makes daily backups automatically.

Discover MASTERWAY at www.masterway.net


Accounting solution that allows you to perform all the accounting operations of a company.
It has accounting entries templates, accounting, financial and tax maps, financial reports, budgets, analytical accounting (multi-dimensions), multi-company consolidation, multi-currency and allows data import and export.
It allows unlimited documents, includes all legal updates and makes daily backups automatically.

Discover MASTERWAY at www.masterway.net


Masterway CRM includes a set of features that allows efficient management of the relationship with the customer, with numerous information always available. It allows customer management, contact management, includes agenda and calendar, manages business opportunities, proposals, projects, and allows newsletters manage and sends.
Includes dashboards to obtained important information quickly and simply, with relevant indicators for business management.

Discover MASTERWAY at www.masterway.net


Complete management of students and activities, totally online, available anytime and anywhere.
It is intended for educational institutions such as schools, nurseries, daycare centers, kindergardens, colleges or similars.
Optimizes the student management process, manages activities and fees, controls students entries and exits, automatically issues invoicing in the Masterway Commercial, has simple and easy to understand graphical analyses (dashboards), such as the allocation of students by activity or comparative analysis of activities per school year.

Discover MASTERWAY at www.masterway.net


Complete and integrated management of all processes related to users of institutions that work in areas such as social security, health and education, whether homes, host institutions, residences, home support services or others.
It allows you to control your activities, such as water aerobics, physiotherapy, consultations or others; manage the consumption of goods / services, such as hygiene material, cosmetics, food supplements, etc .; and organize all the associated information.
With the connection to the Commercial Masterway, billing of consumption and monthly payments is simple and automated.

Discover MASTERWAY at www.masterway.net


Challenge us and we will prepare the best solution for your special project. We have the necessary resources to develop customized tools or solutions from scratch, which fully satisfy your requirements.